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Amazing Services

We are here to connect you to the future, and to your consumers.  We are here to create content that stops people in their tracks and makes them want to seek you out, not the other way around.

We are here to make brands and individual products fun, playful and exciting by engaging all the senses.  Not just the sense of sight and sound, but also the senses of excitement, imagination and possibility.

  •    Touch Screens
  •    Multi-Touch Tables
  •    Multi-Screen Interfaces
  •    Projection Mapping
  •    Laser Projection Show (indoor / outdoor)
  •    Content Gamification
  •    Kinect Gestural Interfaces (Passive, Active, Gaming)
  •    Leap Motion (Hand Tracking)
  •    RealSense (Hand and Face Tracking)
  •    Virtual Reality (Oculus, Gear VR, Google Cardboard)
  •    360 Video / Photo Capture for VR, Social Media Video 360
  •    Custom Hardware Solutions (Controlled LEDs, Sensors, Triggers)
  •  Tradeshow Planning / Booth Design